Back Office

Founded in early 2010, FMJ Agency Alliance is an agency marketing platform developed solely for insurance agents and their families looking for a realistic alternative career path as an independent agent.

FMJ Agents have access to a full back office staff that is here to assist you in your transition. Our experienced staff includes marketing executives, account managers, and a former captive agent with over 35 years in the captive system.

By using one centralized location as our hub we are able to monitor workflow, troubleshoot problems, interface with our carriers and have a complete hand-on experience.

When carriers look at the agent opportunity out of our model it becomes clear that by simply appointing an agency, giving them a contract and a plaque and wishing them well is a recipe for failure. We are one agency, with one vision and many parts, and our collective might is only a positive force when working effectively together. We are able to see every submission, aid in the quoting process and control the risks we are binding. In this way, we are more productive and continue to utilize our recognized agency best practices across the board.