Personal Lines Opportunity


FMJ Agents enjoy the ability to represent and place business with some of the finest national, regional, super-regional, and local insurance companies available.

By partnering with FMJ, you will no longer need to fear changes in rates or underwriting guidelines, nor the agency down the street having access to better markets. FMJ Agents use the same resources that we employ to run Scirocco Group, a $125 million independent agency – the same carriers, the same workflows and procedures, the same back office support and the most advanced quoting and agency management system available in the marketplace.

As members of Scirocco Group, FMJ Agents enter the marketplace with 60 years of experience behind them.Furthermore, you get the benefit of having access to the top-tier carriers that only a large agency could support, but without any quota on your part. Carriers you used to compete against will now partner with you at the highest level. In a very real sense, there is almost no personal lines insurance risk that you won’t be able to compete on in your local marketplace every day.